Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Level 0 Guidance for GP Practices

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Coronavirus Vaccination Status 
Please be aware, the Practice cannot offer you evidence of your vaccination status. 

NHS Forth Valley COVID Vaccination Programme

If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus, DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY TELEPHONE OR ATTEND THE SURGERY, information is available on NHS Inform Scotland webpages about isolation and self care at home.

NHS Inform website

Government public health advice is that if you have any symptoms of respiratory or flu like illness, or loss of normal sense of smell or taste you should isolate and treat yourself at home in the first instance. You do not need to tell your GP Practice or NHS24 that you have mild respiratory or flu like symptoms and you are self managing this.

If you have symptoms of a viral respiratory or flu like illness, consider taking regular paracetamol, drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest.  There is no specific treatment if this is coronavirus.

If there is a symptomatic person in your household, then other members of the household should also self isolate.

Please go to NHS Inform web pages for the latest guidance on how long people should self isolate and how to self manage your symptoms.

If you are concerned you are very unwell with Coronavirus or flu-like symptoms and need further medical advice or face-to-face assessment, contact NHS24 in the first instance by telephoning free phone 111.


General Advice 

If you do not have symptoms and are looking for general information that you cannot find online, a free helpline has been set up on 0800 028 2816.

The helpline is open 8.00am to 10.00pm each day.  


Patients at Extremely High Risk

There is a group of patients who have clinical conditions which puts them at the highest risk of being impacted by COVID-19.

  • People who have received solid organ transplants.
  • People with specific cancers and those with cancer being treated in specific ways.
  • People with severe respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis, severe asthma or severe COPD.
  • People with some very rare diseases that increase their risk of infection.
  • People on immunosuppression therapies sufficient to significantly increase their risk of infection.
  • People who are pregnant with significant heart disease.

The Government has sent letters to people in these categories and will continue to provide advice and guidance about saying safe and healthy as we navigate our way through this pandemic outbreak.   


Your Health & Wellbeing During this COVID-19 Outbreak

Click on the link below which takes you to a free COVID-19 audio visual resource on YouTube that has been produced and uploaded by NHS Fife Psychologists.

Step on Stress


Kinglass Updates

The Practice has remained open since lockdown restrictions began in March 2020. We are available for advice by telephone in the first instance for non-coronavirus health problems. However, to continue to help us to help you as safely and efficiently as possible at this unprecedented time we will continue to operate as follows:


  • Our front doors will require to remain on intercom access for period of time because our internal security system has been defunct during most of the Council's repurposing works. We are working with the Health Board to have this restored as before so that we can plan to safely remobilise access to our front reception desk area.   
  • We are gradually remobilising our primary healthcare services as it is safe to do so and in accordance with government guidance.
  • We will continue to ask patients as appropriate regarding coronavirus or flu-like like symptoms.
  • Online booking of appointments and pre-booked, face-to-face routine appointments still remain temporarily suspended.
  • We will offer telephone consultations for non-coronavirus health matters where it is safe to do so. Request for face-to-face appointments will continue to be medically triaged before being appointed for the time being. Again this is still the safest thing to do for now to help keep us operating for the benefit of all patients. This doesn’t ‘save us work’ or mean we are ‘taking it easy’ in any way, it means we are working in different and more innovative ways for now.
  • We have implemented video consulting where this is appropriate using the NHS NearMe platform. This technology requires patients to have access to Chrome or Safari web browsers.


To stay safely operating we need your support:

  • Telephone in the first instance if you need medical advice or to make any enquiry. Staff will advise on the best course of action to assist you.
  • Please wear a mask or face covering if you do enter the building for an agreed appointment. Sanitise your hands once inside, follow our one-way system and any instructions staff discuss with you including where one-way is not feasible. Sanitise your hands again upon leaving the building.
  • If an arrangement is made to be seen face-to-face, we ask that only the patient needing seen enters the building, unless they require assistance with mobility or they are chaperoning a younger person, by way of examples of necessity. Please do all that you can to avoid bringing extra people or younger children with you to attend any face-to-face consultation unless they are also being seen. 
  • Our front desk reception remains ‘closed’ until we re-open our front doors and this requires our internal security system to be up and running again following the Council's repurposing. If you have been seen face-to-face and need any follow up assistance, please do not queue or remain in the waiting area. Call us again on your mobile once you have left the building or when you get home. You will always receive the same level of service from our Administrative staff over the telephone as you would in person at the desk.


Prescription Enquires and Repeat Requests:

  • For the time being, do not to come to the surgery to discuss requests as the reception desk Service is not operating at present.
  • We do not accept requests for medicines over the telephone, we need you to start the process by asking in writing – nb this was the case before COVID and is not a ‘new thing’. Your local pharmacy may deal with a request for you, you can email a request to us, use the Practice website (needs registration credentials from Practice), post requests to us in writing or hand deliver a written request into our letter box.
  • If you hand deliver a prescription request please write your request down before you arrive. Include your name, date of birth and nominate a pharmacy. Please post requests in our letter box for the time being to avoid coming into the building. Our letter box is at the bottom of the door on the left hand gable end of the building, to the left hand side of the main entrance doors.
  • To avoid people entering the building unnecessarily we are asking people to nominate their preferred pharmacy.  A significant few people may need to collect prescriptions directly from the surgery and we are aiming to offer a morning or afternoon collection time to help keep everybody as safe as possible. This also helps us to serve people on the telephone or at the doors as efficiently as possible while our front reception area is otherwise unmanned at present.  Please remember to socially distance should there be others around you.
  • Repeat Prescriptions - order only what you need, when you need it, a reasonable time in advance which should be no earlier than when you realise you have two weeks supply left. 


Self-Isolation and Fitness Notes - Evidence for Employers or Travel Insurers

  • We would reiterate that, irrespective of Coronavirus, patients should be self-certifying for the first 7 days of any absence from work on health grounds.  
  • Coronavirus related self-isolation advice and sick pay is being decided at Government levels. Advice is accessible to employers on government agency websites. An online self isolation note service has been launched by the Government for employees who have symptoms themselves or if they are household contacts of someone who has symptoms of coronavirus.
  • If you are in a more vulnerable group because of an underlying health condition but have no actual symptoms, there is advice on the NHS Inform web pages and this is being updated regularly.  The GPs will not be issuing Fit Notes in relation to a person's fitness for any specific job as this is a matter for each individual and their employer.
  • The GPs are unable to issue recommendation letters for holiday cancellations or offer an opinion on whether to travel or not. Please refer to Foreign Office guidance for support with this.

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