Early Detection of Bowel Cancer

Kinglass Medical Practice along with other Practices in Forth Valley are encouraging all patients to take up their offer of screening for bowel cancer when it comes to them in the post.

About Bowel Cancer

Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in Scotland.  It is most common among people over 50 years of age, especially men.

If bowel cancer is detected early enough through screening, there is a 90% chance of treating the disease successfully.

NHS Inform - About Bowel Cancer and Screening in Scotland

Cancer Research UK - Bowel Screening in Scotland

Why is Screening so important?

Screening aims to find bowel cancer at an early stage in people with no symptoms. The screening test looks for hidden blood in the bowel motion, as this may suggest a higher chance of bowel cancer.

For approximately every 650 people invited for regular screening, one bowel cancer death will be prevented. In Scotland this will mean the screening programme will prevent at least 150 deaths from bowel cancer each year.

Other changes in the bowel can also be found, such as polyps (non-cancerous growths). If found, most polyps can be easily removed and often prevent future cancers developing.

The Scottish Bowel Screening Programme invites all men and women in Scotland between the ages of 50 to 74 for screening every two years.

To make sure you get your regular invitations for screening, it's really important to make sure the Practice knows your latest address.

Screening Test Improvement

If you have taken the bowel screening test in the past few years, the next time you are invited to be screened, you will notice the testing kit has been dramatically improved and you only need to provide one sample of poo.

How do I take the Screening Test? (click here)


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