Rights and Your Responsibilities

Everyone who comes into contact with the Practice, who may or may not wish to make use of the services available, should be treated with dignity and respect.  No-one should receive less favourable treatment on any grounds and all contacts should be free from any discrimination. 

Should you have any concerns or comments please speak to the Practice Manager. Alternatively, if you feel you cannot approach the Practice directly, you have the right to approach the 'Patient Advice and Support Services', known as 'PASS'.

You may be interested to access the following patient information about what to expect from your doctor.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you, this involves commitment and responsibility on both our parts, and a summary is given below:

Your Responsibilities
With your rights come responsibilities, ensuring that you obtain the best from our health services.

As patients, you are responsible for your own health and it is important that you listen to and action information and advice given, and co-operate in keeping yourself and those you are responsible for in the best of health possible.

We would respectfully ask you also to be aware of the following: 

  • Please aim to give us as much notice as possible for routine (non-urgent) consultations to help us manage demand for services as safely, efficiently and equitably for all registered patients.
  • You are responsible for keeping appointments with us.
  • Please cancel appointments that you will not be able to make or no longer need.
  • Please advise us if you are going to be late for you appointment, generally if you have completely missed your appointment, you will need to re-arrange.
  • Treat staff with courtesy and respect. Reception staff may be tasked by the doctors or nurses to ask you for some personal information to assist us in providing you with the best service.  
  • Please inform the Practice of any alterations in your circumstances, such as change of surname or address.
  • Please ensure we have your correct telephone number, even if it is ex-directory.
  • Please make requests for urgent appointments or home visits as early as possible in the day, ideally before 10.00am, so that the doctors can prioritise your needs within their workload.


Our Commitments to You

  • We will offer pre-bookable appointments up to a month in advance so that you can plan ahead.
  • In addition to pre-bookable appointments, that may still be available to book on the day, we will operate a medical triage (urgent filter) system, to ensure that patients who may require urgent medical treatment can speak with, or be seen by, an appropriate healthcare professional within the Practice Team - within 48 hours or the same day where necessary.
  • Whilst the docotors and nurses aim to start their surgeries on time and keep to time, it can sometimes happen that surgeries are running late due to medically urgent interruptions or because another patient has needed more time than expected. If we are running late for your appointment, we will apologise and advise you when you arrive so that you can decide if you wish to reschedule.
  • We will work in partnership with you to achieve the best medical care possible.
  • We will involve you and listen to your opinions and views in all aspects of your medical care.
  • The medical and nursing staff will advise you on what you can do to stay in good health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
  • If you have a long term condition, we will work in partnership with you to achieve the best care possible.

More information is available about how to access services by looking under the Appointments tab above.

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