Dropping in to the Surgery for a Consultation

The Doctors and Nurses currently do not operate on an 'open access' or ‘drop in’ basis. Ideally it is best to telephone the surgery first. An appointment on that day may still be available

If a patient drops in and there is no routine appointment available that day and they feel they require medical assistance, their request will be medically triaged as soon as reasonably possible.

However, staff are not authorised to interrupt the Doctors or Nurses whilst they are consulting with other patients unless the medical circumstances dictate the matter requires to be immediately triaged.

Where possible, patients will be encouraged to leave details and a contact telephone number for the doctor/triage nurse to contact them as soon as possible to assess their request. 

If patients prefer to wait, they will be asked to complete a Triage Form giving brief details of their condition. A Doctor/Nurse will deal with their request as appropriate.  Patients may have to wait up to two hours whilst Doctors/Nurses consult with patients who have already booked an appointment.

Drs Spencer, McTaggart & Bartie thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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